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January 11, 2017, 7:12 AM

A word at mid-week 1/11

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

I hope this week has been filled with lots of ways that you are finding the holiness in ordinary life! If you have a story to share, I would welcome hearing it. If you recall, on the Feast of the Holy Name, I issued a challenge for us in 2017 to find holiness in your everyday life. I hope it can be more than a fun idea and that you really do notice how God really does make ordinary things and ordinary places and ordinary people like you and me, holy!

This past week, we celebrated the feast of The Baptism of the Lord. Peter set the bar high for us in the reading from Acts, to be ready at a moments notice to share your faith in both word and deed in a way that others can readily see and understand! It's our "discipleship elevator speeches!" We also remembered the practical importance of our baptism. In it, we are brought into the family of God. Through it, we are made sons and daughters of God. And, by it, we are certain that we are enough! This does not mean that we shouldn't take care of ourselves or work for improvement or better ourselves, but it does mean that our inherent worth as a human being doesn't depend on our looks, our successes, our failures, our heartaches, our status, or the level of our intellect. In Baptism, we hear God's voice say to us, "In you, I am well pleased!" And, like Jesus, we can't stay and bask in this glow for too long, because - as St. Matthew writes - dripping wet, we immediately are driven from the baptismal waters and out to the wilderness, equipped with our faith to survive and thrive! Please see my sermon, below.

Also, this week, we welcomed Dale Caldwell as our new Organist/Choirmaster. As Dale continues to onboard to life at St. Matthew's, please take an opportunity to say hello and welcome him. We offered blessings to Fr. Steven Giovangelo on the 40th anniversary of his ordination as well as blessed the red hats for new infants in support of an initiative by The Yarn, Book and Prayer Club to help the American Heart Association kick off this year's "Little Hats, Big Hearts" campaign. They have been collecting knitted or crocheted red baby hats to be distributed to babies born in hospitals throughout Indiana during the month of February.

The Yarn, Book, and Prayer Club also distributed newly knitted scarves to the Alhamwi women last night at the start of their meeting. They were thankful to receive such "warm" gifts! Thank you YBPC!

Thanks also goes out to the Altar Guild for transforming the sanctuary from Christmastide to Epiphanytide! Thank you for all of the hard work that goes into beautifying our worship!

This coming Sunday, I have asked Fr. Steve Giovangelo to be a guest preacher. I hope to see all of you there!

Starting in this week's "A Word at Mid-Week" I am adding a section for Bible Study. I am using a reading plan that will cover the entire Bible over a two-year period. I will supply a few notes and commentary to help give context. I hope you will enjoy it and find it spiritually nourishing.

Finally, this coming Sunday there WILL NOT be an Adult Forum. The group finished book one of the Pilgrim series as well as the Advent video series. We will resume the following week with a new series. Stay tuned!

God's love to you all! Fr. Frank

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