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March 15, 2017, 8:13 AM

A word at mid-week, 3/15

Despite the cold and snow in mid-March, I pray that this mid-week finds you in a good space, surrounded by those you love, and that you are engaged in meaningful undertakings!

This past Sunday, we heard the beginnings of the story of the call of Abraham and Sarah and their journey into the great unknown. Its hard for me to imagine what traveling was like 4,000 years ago. I can only picture how treacherous and perilous it must have been. I am not sure I would have been as brave as Abraham and Sarah were to follow God's call to leave everything I know and everyone I know, and head to an unknown destination for an unknown reason. But, in reality, God calls each of us to do just that, every day. Not necessarily to physically move geographically, but to spiritually along the terrain of our hearts. Sometimes, this journey means leaving old habits that we know well, or leaving behind grudges that we have carried for far too long, or becoming less self-absorbed and taking on the temperament that is more open to God's love or that makes more space for others in our lives. Please see my sermon, below.

This coming Thursday (March 16) my family and I will leave for Japan. I return to St. Matthew's on Sunday, April 2. While I am away:

  • Sunday, March 19, The Revd Mary Slenski
  • Sunday, March 26, The Revd Mary Slenski
  • Wednesday, March 22, The Revd Steve Giovangelo
  • Wednesday, March 29, The Revd Steve Giovangelo
  • For ALL pastoral care emergencies, please contact Carissa either by the Office Phone or by Email. She will relay information to Fr. Steve, who will be "on call" for St. Matthew's during this interval.

God's love to you all, Fr. Frank

Join the Choir for Easter

St. Matt's choir started rehearsal last week on music for Easter. If you would like a short-term commitment of music making, this is your opportunity! To make best use of time for those who might join us, we will practice the Easter music at the beginning of the rehearsal immediately after the warm-up. For more information, contact Dale Caldwell by clicking the link in the left-hand column. I look forward to hearing from you.

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