What to Expect at an Episcopal Service

Worship in the Episcopal Church

What is the Episcopal Church’s main guide to worship and liturgy? The Book of Common Prayer (BCP) is the official book of worship of the Episcopal Church. The BCP provides liturgical forms, prayers, and instructions so that all members and orders of the Episcopal Church may appropriately share in common worship.

What are some gestures or actions you will see in the Episcopal liturgy?

What is the chief worship service in the Episcopal Church? The Holy Eucharist – also known as the Lord’s Supper, Holy Communion, the Mass, Divine Liturgy, and the Great Offering

What are the liturgical seasons?The Christian calendar divides the year into six liturgical seasons:







a.The season after the Day of Pentecost is often called “Ordinary Time,” although this term is unofficial and does not appear in the Book of Common Prayer.

Every season has a designated color, which is displayed on clergy vestments and altar veils during that season.


What is a lectionary? A lectionary is a table of readings from Scripture appointed to be read at public worship. Although there are several lectionaries contained in the Book of Common Prayer, the Episcopal Church now follows the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL), which was officially adopted at General Convention in 2006.

The Revised Common Lectionary, like the lectionaries in the Book of Common Prayer, is a three-year cycle of Sunday Eucharistic readings in which Matthew, Mark, and Luke are read in successive years with some material from John read in each year.