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October 5, 2016, 12:00 PM

A word at mid-week, 10/5

Have you ever thought that being a good Christian, a good Episcopalian, or a good Follower of Jesus took some kind of super-hero faith? Like the disciples from last Sunday, have you ever pleaded with God to increase your faith? To strengthen your faith? Did you ever wish you had more faith when dealing with something in your life? I know that I have. Lots of times!

But, Jesus teaches us that faith isn't something super-human, that it isn't like having a super-power, that bigger is not always better. In fact, Jesus says that small, simple, barely noticeable faith - like that of a spec or a mustard seed - can uproot trees and mountains! Hard to believe, perhaps, but no less true!

Faith is really about attending to the things right in front of us. All of our small actions, taken together and blessed by God can, and do, do extraordinary things! Please see my sermon, below.

October 4 is the official Feast of St. Francis and many churches are offering Pet Blessings in honor of this great saint! I hope you will join us this Saturday at 11am for Pet Blessings at St. Matthew's. For more information, please see the post below.

This past Sunday, we welcomed Robert Bolyard into our community and worship as our new Interim Music Director. Robert is a Master's graduate of Yale University in Music and Conducting and made his debut at St. Matthew's after catching the red-eye from Seattle! Robert and I are in conversation about music at St. Matthew's and plans are in the works for Robert to begin working with the choir very soon so that we can enjoy the choir's ministry at worship. Please take the opportunity to introduce yourself to Robert this coming week!

God's love to you all!
Fr. Frank

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