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November 16, 2016, 7:49 AM

A word at mid-week, 11/16

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have emailed and texted me your prayers and concern for my dad, Albert. He continues to steadily decline. Yesterday he could still talk and recognize people. However, today he is no longer responding to verbal stimuli. He is in a comatose state but his body is not showing signs of pain and appears to be at peace.Though a person can never accurately predict, we expect that he will die before the week's end. I will keep you posted on his condition.

Also, please continue to pray for Lester Burkeen and Bill McFarland who are both still under medical care.

Since the Day of Pentecost, Luke has continued to challenge us to grow in faith through a vari
ety of stories and parables and sayings of Jesus. This past week, we were called to see things as Jesus sees things - to be the very eyes of the Gospel in our world - to have a vision
that pierces through what seems to be beyond hope, that brings about the hope we have in God, and that sees God at work even when it looks like God does not have the upper hand. Please see my sermon, below.

Also, this past week, we celebrated Veteran's Day in a special way at the 8:00am service. We had special music from Buzz Hollett, a Presentation of the Colors, reading and reflections from two different writers, a Litany for Veterans, and a Cup Cake Coffee Hour provided by Flour De Lis!

This coming Sunday is the Pledge Campaign
In-gathering. This is a REMINDER to bring your PLEDGE CARDS (if you haven't already submitted one) and your GRATITUDE JARS. We will bless both of these at Holy Eucharist this Sunday.

In the coming week, we will celebrate The Reign of Christ or what is also known as Christ the King. It is the last Sunday after Pentecost, the last Sunday of the liturgical or church year. It is a fitting feast to celebrate Christ as King when we begin the following week, Advent I, to prepare to welcome the "new born" King! I hope you will join us for worship and all the exciting things planned for Advent.

As we look ahead and realize that Christmas is around the corner, please keep an eye out for our Angel Tree families again this year. Also, I have 3 letters from three different families aside from Angel Tree asking for Christmas help. If you are willing to "adopt" one of these 3 families, please let me know.

God's love to you all! Fr. Frank

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