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November 23, 2016, 12:00 PM

A word at mid-week, 11/23

Happy mid-week to all of you! 

I wish to thank everyone for your cards, emails, prayers, and well-wishes for me and my family these past two weeks surrounding my father's death. It was a great outpouring of love which helped to hold me up during this time. Thank you all.

This past Sunday we celebrated the Feast of Christ the King; the last Sunday of the Church Year. The Gospel of Luke presented us with the scene of Jesus' crucifixion. Perhaps a fitting image for the feast of Christ the King. Jesus did not come among us to be another ruler or leader, he came to establish a new order of things. His power and might is shown, not through brute force, but through boundless grace and mercy and love. Because of his love, which was perfected through his resurrection, we are given a second chance at life. A second chance to mend broken relationships, to turn our life around, to choose to be better. Please see my sermon below.

A special note: When I talk about second chances, I am not suggesting that you or I should let abusive situations continue, hoping that they will change. Further, second chances do not give us permission and are not loop holes for us to continue bad behavior. Rather, second chances come from God's love of us, that he died for us so that we might live. This is something far greater than repeating bad behavior and broken promises over and over. It is about our human dignity that was restored in Jesus.

Advent is upon us! There are several things you will notice this year during Advent:

Advent Lessons and Carols

The 3rd Sunday of Advent Robert Bolyard and the Choir will lead us in a traditional celebration of Advent Lessons and Carols. For this specific Sunday, there will be ONLY 1 SERVICE AT 10:00 AM. FLOUR DE LIS will provide us with some goodies for Coffee Hour!

Advent Bulletins

The services will have a different flow, different wording. Advent is not quite the penitential season as Lent is, but given that it is a season of preparation there is a penitential quality to it. Also, music, especially service music, will be simpler in form so to make our way toward the Christmas season.

Sanctuary Decor

The theme of waiting, expecting, anticipation will be created through a special design for the sanctuary. Thank you to Nancy, Kaye, and Zella for this idea! Also, MEMORIALS are still welcomed in honor or memory of your loved ones. We are no longer doing the weekly altar flowers, but your donations will help support the cost of beautifying the sanctuary each week. So, please continue to give memorial contributions as you have done in the past. Your memorial contribution will be listed in the weekly bulletin.

Adult Forum/Sunday School

We will be watching and reflecting on the video series from The Work of the People called, The Waiting. Come and join us for this special offering.

God's love to you all!  Fr. Frank

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